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“How To” Tips and Ideas For Spider Control

Still, with the proper knowledge, equipment, and preventative measures, it is possible to keep your home spider-free and avoid potentially dangerous encounters.

Bed bug treatment

Safe & Professional Bed Bug Treatments | Non-Toxic Heat Treatments

Bed Bug Heat Treatments Bed bugs are hard to control because they hide in tiny cracks in the room and on bed frames. Because we cannot use insecticides on household items like clothes, shoes, bedding, and children’s toys, another option is necessary. However, sprays are still used and are effective in treating bed bugs. It […]

Weather effects Oklahoma City Pest Control

Crazy Oklahoma Weather May Increase Pest Population

Warm and moisture-filled days will allow termite, tick, and mosquito populations to flourish this Spring and Summer. Be prepared for increased termite activity due to the mild temps and rainfall headed our way this season. According to some experts, spiders will prosper more this spring as well. Predictions of warmer-than-normal temperatures throughout spring and summer […]

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#1 Superior Termite and Pest Professionals in OKC

Pest Control Professionals We are the best pest control professionals in OKC, offering quality service at an affordable price. Termite and pest control is one of the most asked-for services in Oklahoma City and Central Oklahoma. Every home and business will encounter a pest problem at some point. High heat and humidity with plenty of […]