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Common Oklahoma Rodents

Rodent control, in our experience, shows mice infesting homes at an alarming rate every year. When the weather turns cool, everything in nature wants to move indoors. Rodents are mammals that number 1,500 species on almost every continent. Mice are just one species of those 1,500 that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and are unique in their ways. Unfortunately, mice and rats have adapted to living with humans from cities and urban areas to rural areas. What makes a rodent a rodent is its front teeth which continue to grow. Rodents use those teeth for feeding, chewing, self-defense, gathering, and building nests.

Oklahomans see few rats; however, they exist but live in darker places like sewers instead of inside homes. Most of the time, the standard house mouse or field mouse lives in and around homes and businesses.

Are Rodents Dangerous?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes, and rodents threaten the safety and peace of your home. Although people find mice cute, they should not be allowed to live with people. All rodents can spread bacteria and other diseases to food and surfaces. Not to mention, chewing on wires, air ducts, pipes, drywall, boxes, and more, causes damage to your home.

Where do Rodents Come from?

We understand your frustration when mice or rats show up out of nowhere. Rodents are always looking for their next meal, and when one source dries up, they move on. Feeding on pet food, foraging in gardens, trash cans, pantries, cabinets, and countertops, and if food is present, they will seize the opportunity.

Rodent control and mouse control in Oklahoma

Rodent Control Exterminators – How do they do it?

First, like every other Oklahoma City pest control problem, we investigate beginning outside and moving inside. Entry points like broken seals under doors and windows, cracks in the foundation, and weep holes in a brick being oversized are all places mice fit in to gain access. As a pest control company, we don’t simply eradicate the problem; we remove the entry points by filling those cracks and giving recommendations.

Second, we aren’t going to clutter your home with a bunch of mouse traps. Strategically positioned bait stations poison the rodent, who die after leaving the station. Garage doors are notorious for mice to squeeze in under the door. For example, in this instance, we would place a bait station outside the garage door to attract the mouse before he gains entry. Bobbi Ray’s rodent control OKC is the professional mouse and rat exterminator you should call!

Rodent Control Bait Station

Bait Stations

Typically, bait stations are small, usually plastic, boxes with holes allowing the rodent entry and exit. Inside, the bait is toxic to the rodent that consumes the bait. These bait stations allow many rodents to carry the bait back to their nest, where others share it. Although you may see a reduction immediately, generally, it takes about one to three days after feeding on the bait for mice or rodents to die.

Extremely effective bait stations are left on the premises for long durations to prevent further infestation. The bait lures mice and rats out of their hiding places to consume a free meal, but a deadly one. What is nice to know, since rodents don’t die on the spot, you won’t be left with disposing of the dead pests.

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