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We are the best pest control professionals in OKC, offering quality service at an affordable price. Termite and pest control is one of the most asked-for services in Oklahoma City and Central Oklahoma. Every home and business will encounter a pest problem at some point. High heat and humidity with plenty of water throughout the state create ideal conditions for insects of every type. Mosquitoes and flies along with termites are some of the most despised insects that return year after year.

Pest Control Industry Changes

The exterminator and pest control industry has changed drastically over the years. Just ten years ago there was a gap in the market for qualified termite and pest control companies in Oklahoma. Though the number of professional companies has increased, so has the population and the number of infestations that occur every year. The competition has grown tremendously over the years. Becoming one of the best pest control companies is a constant challenge. However, with the rising costs of materials and gas prices, several companies have chosen to abandon the quality products necessary to give you the longest-lasting protection.

Why Are We the Best Pest Control Company

Termite and pest control is not as easy a job as one would believe it is. Termite treatments are extremely labor intensive and depending on the size of the home can take several hours to complete correctly. Interior treatments for spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches, stored product pests, flies, and moths still take longer than one would think. For example, bed bugs must have the entire room prepared properly, and more often than not physical labor is required to lift beds, mattresses, and other furniture.

Our customers are the reason we know we are one of the best if not the best pest control companies in OKC. We have had so many referrals and repeat customers over the years to prove we do the job right the first time. For us, it is more than just a job that we show up to every day. We know that what we do changes the way you live comfortably and peacefully inside your home. Insects, spiders, and rodents like mice, can become an aggravation, causing you not to enjoy your home. We love helping people win that battle and take back their homes and live without any frustration.

We’ve asked our customers at every job what can we do better to become the best termite and pest control service and serve them in a better way. The response has been tremendous, and so little needed to be done. First, the most important request was communication. People want to know what we are going to do when we are going to be there, how long will the treatment last, and how much is it going to cost. Those are honest and fair questions we have zero problems in sharing.

Taking Care of Family

Furthermore, many of our clients who have known us for years appreciate the hard work and positive attitude of all of our employees. To several, we have become family over the years. Year after year pesky insects and rodents show up and it is our job to prevent that from occurring. With the changing of the seasons, different pests start to move in and out of gardens, homes, sheds, and businesses.

We strive to use the absolute best pest control available to eradicate these pests for the longest length of time to help lower your costs. We understand that a budget is a real thing for all families. We also understand that prevention with inspections and pre-treating areas before the pest shows up can save you hundreds of dollars in the future.

Providing Information

Bobbi Ray’s Termite and Pest Control has attempted to provide as much information on this website to help further educate home and business owners and answer some of the more common questions that we have encountered since 2014. We’ve also provided information on public health concerns for the dangers some of these pests and insects can have on the health of you and your family. Furthermore, all of our products are registered with the EPA and are safe for family homes and businesses. We feel we must communicate with our customers in every detail to be the best pest control service provider in Oklahoma.

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