Mosquito Control in Oklahoma

Are There So Many Mosquitoes You Can’t Beat Them With A Stick?

Mosquitoes in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Infested With 60 Species of Mosquitoes

Generally speaking, mosquitoes begin their inclusion in the family outside activities starting in March and lasting through November. Mosquito control leads to safe and peaceful outdoor activities at your home. A few species show up and enjoy cooler temperatures in March. Most adult mosquitoes become problematic in April, May, and June, especially during frequent spring rain showers. We still see mosquitoes after the first frost because the larvae populations are not always affected by a mild freeze.

Weather is the most significant determining factor regarding mosquito populations. Scattered rain and thunderstorms can lead to higher populations of mosquitoes. Although we all hate hot, dry summers, mosquitoes will not thrive in that environment. Contact your local pest control OKC company for more information on mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes In Standing Water

Mosquito Prevention – Remove The Source

Eliminating breeding sites will help decrease the mosquito population in outdoor living areas. Bird baths, standing water in flower pots, and unused wading pools should have the water changed out every 2 to 3 days. Believe it or not, keeping gutters free of debris and allowing for proper drainage removes any trapped water. Homes with rotten tree stumps or hollows in the middle need to be plugged or filled in to help prevent standing or stagnant water from forming.

Treat gardens with water features or fountains with a type of larvicide. Small pools that have mosquito-eating fish will prevent adult mosquitoes from emerging. Any container holding water for more than five days is a potential site for mosquitoes to breed. The simplest way to eliminate breeding is to drain any unnecessary containers or pooling of water in yards.

Mosquito Person Protection

Pest Control OKC – Protection From Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes inside your home rank #1 on the list for rising frustration and flyswatter swats. When opening windows for the first time in early spring on those warm days, check the screens and clean out any dirt or debris. Check screen doors and the seals around the doors, repairing any gaps or damaged seals.

Outside, you can reduce the chances of getting a mosquito bite by using insect repellent. I know gardeners like to get out early to water; however, avoid being outside at dawn if possible. Wearing long sleeves and long pants while working in the yard or garden helps. Early evening and dusk are times when mosquitoes are most active; be aware of their presence. This time is also when the food is ready on the grill or you are enjoying your friends and family in the cooling-off part of the day. When using repellents on children, please read the instruction carefully before use.

The Dangers

Until recently, over the last two decades, people were unaware of how dangerous the diseases mosquitoes carry were. The three worldwide illnesses that have caused the most fatalities are Zika, West Nile, and Dengue. Before we get too deep into the fear of these viruses, Oklahoma has had very few reported cases. The Zika virus is not in the continental United States, and zero instances of the Dengue virus have occurred in Oklahoma. The West Nile virus reports for 2022 listed only two cases of infection. The danger is possible; however, the likelihood is rare in Oklahoma.

Treatment and Control of Mosquitoes

Some may remember city utility trucks spraying local streets and neighborhoods several years ago. Research shows that too many factors are involved in a wide spraying application of any benefit. Wind, temperature, and time of day significantly affected the effectiveness. That leaves individual family homeowners to deter insects and mosquitoes on their own. Some municipalities with the state do have programs and outreach programs with information for protecting your home from insect infestations.

Chemical Treatments

Mosquitoes are a common problem for everyone in Oklahoma. Whether you own or rent your home or operate a business, mosquitoes show up beginning in spring. Our chemical treatments consist of three of the best insecticides for mosquitoes. We use microencapsulated products and an insect growth regulator (IGR), like birth control for mosquitoes.

Microencapsulated is where a protective coating covers the active ingredient. This encapsulation process prolongs the efficacy, which allows a reduction in the number of required applications. The mixture of chemicals we use for spraying typically lasts longer than most other chemical treatments.

Our treatment technique covers everything outside, trees, both sides of their leaves, wood fencing, and all shrubs and plants, excluding vegetables. After the first treatment, we treat 1 to 2 more times for the year due to rain and heat degradation. However, after the 3rd year, we have found that our customers only need one treatment to sustain throughout the year.

In2care Mosquito Control Trap

Baits and Traps – In2Care

An In2Care station will last several years, with only the gauze strip on the floater to be replaced every four to six weeks, along with the water, for best results. Once filled with water, the biocide-teated strip is activated, attracting and killing mosquitoes. This station does not kill the mosquito in the station alone but extends to the surrounding area. This has been one of the best pest control products we have used for mosquito control in OKC. Patios or even balconies in apartment buildings are great places for this station to be placed.

How In2Care Works

Mosquitoes are attracted to the station, landing on the floater’s gauze and picking up the biocide. The larvae left to breed in the water die inside the station. Once the mosquito flies out of the station, it carries the biocide outside, contaminating surrounding breeding sites. Within a few days, the mosquitoes and larvae die, reducing the chance of transferring diseases to humans and animals.