Weather effects Oklahoma City Pest Control

Crazy Oklahoma Weather May Increase Pest Population

Termite and Pest Control

Warm and moisture-filled days will allow termite, tick, and mosquito populations to flourish this Spring and Summer. Be prepared for increased termite activity due to the mild temps and rainfall headed our way this season. According to some experts, spiders will prosper more this spring as well.

Predictions of warmer-than-normal temperatures throughout spring and summer may increase bees, wasps, and hornets. Although most of us would like to see consecutive warmer days, ants will infiltrate homes and office buildings in search of food sources.

Termite and Pest Control in Oklahoma

Termite Awareness – Be Prepared

One preventative measure should be walking the perimeter of your home. Look for any rotting wood or mud tubes. If flies or other flying insects begin to show up inside your home, check windows and screens. Any large piles of mulch or wood, especially in damp places, should be moved away from the structure or thrown away. Check your guttering for proper flow of water away from your home. Lastly, if you suspect you have termites or need help identifying the insects you are seeing, contact us immediately.


We are already getting reports from clients that ticks are showing up. Several have found ticks on their person or their animals. Fast removal decreases the chances of a tick transmitting disease to humans or animals. Typically, feeding must occur 24 – 48 hours before transmission occurs.

Early Preparation and Detection

We have some warmer days to get outside and inspect your home. Unfortunately, warm weather also brings out insects and ticks. Prepare before planning outside activities after being closed up all winter. Insects were also closed in and just waiting for a reason to join the party outside.


Everyone’s favorite outside party crasher in Oklahoma! Spraying early enough and placing mosquito bait stations is a great way to prepare for mosquitoes. I’ve repeated this throughout this website many times; however, disease-carrying insects are dangerous to humans and animals. Look for any areas of standing water or outside pet water bowls. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, especially around small water features, ponds, marshy areas, and lakes.

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