About Us

About Us

Bobbi Ray’s about us page and our secrets aren’t all secrets! Every person is driven by something, wanting to become something more or better than who they are at that moment. Fear is often a factor or experiencing something that sets you on a path to victory and happiness. For example, one secret is passing along your knowledge and experience to others or family. Bobbi Ray’s Termite & Pest Control is a family business, and they have done exactly that by passing it along.

The Answer to the Question

To answer the question, “why do we choose to chase down bugs and termites” we have to tell you a little story. Bobbi never dreamed when she was young of becoming an exterminator. She loved horses and even outran the police in Guthrie, OK in her youth! She became a horse jockey, and her size and stature made her perfect for the job. However, one of those experiences that changes your path forever pounced on Bobbi. It changed her life.

Moreover, not just once, but three times, Bobbi was bitten by a Brown Recluse spider here in Oklahoma. Three strikes were all it took, and she decided to take them out! In other words, Bobbi was on her way to becoming a professional exterminator.


In all honesty, even more, determination set in to keep those nasty devils from invading her home again, and her mission started. Finding more information to read and study, Bobbi became a walking encyclopedia on killing spiders, especially the Brown Recluse. As a result, Bobbi was successful in treating her own home and sending all spiders to the far reaches in fear. This whirlwind spider killer became the Bug killing Queen. She didn’t stop there, sharing what she learned with friends and family, not wanting anyone else to go through what she had.

The Journey Begins – Family Secrets

As a result, the family realized Bobbi was becoming an expert in killing spiders. That is exactly what she did. Starting from the ground up with certifications and licenses, using chemicals and sprayers, Bobbi took the plunge into the small business world.

Bobbi Ray’s is now rated in the Top 3 of all termite and pest companies for quality service in Oklahoma City, month in and month out. She has expanded from family and homes to businesses like clinics, schools, nursing homes, restaurants, and much more. Everyone who meets Bobbi and her crew never forgets the experience. This company cares about the people, their comfort, and peace of mind in the same way they do family.

Bobbi’s Secrets

Secrets! Yes, that is what everyone is looking for, and the answers to some of them. First, Bobbi would tell you to take nothing for granted. Everyone would like to believe life is fair, but it isn’t always that way. Starting out on your own with just a desire or a dream takes courage, determination, grit, and faith.

First Impressions

When you meet Bobbi for the first time, you will understand how this former horse jockey jumped off the horses and into the extermination business. In fact, as fearless as she was racing horses, she is even more so in helping families feel safe in their homes. She also understands the worry a parent has when pests try to move in. This business has become an adventure for her and her family, who also work with her daily.


For example, recently she encountered fourteen wasp nests in a two-story house. Without hesitation, ladder in one hand and wasp killer in the other, up she climbed fourteen times twenty to thirty feet to do her job. Let alone, this company had never seen so many wasps in one home. The determination and dedication each and everyone has in working for Bobbi Ray’s Termite & Pest Control has made it a great success.

Military, Veterans & Seniors

The concern for young military families, veterans, and senior citizens prompted a permanent discount for those who have served our country and those who helped to build it. Furthermore, we are proud to offer advice and our experience as much as our services. Being able to communicate the threat and make a sound decision along with the client is a plus.

What is more, you will know every step of the way what we find, how to treat it, and how much it will cost. Some treatments are certified for one year, others for eight years. Consequently, guarantees come with many of the treatments, some require a second treatment within a specified time to qualify.

In Conclusion

To sum up, you have learned a lot about us on this page. Now let us help learn about what’s “bugging” you in your home. Scheduling a home inspection is the next step if you haven’t had one in a few years. We would love to help!

About Bobbi Ray’s Journey

Spider Bites Did it For Me! Her Secrets are out now!

Wanna know more secrets?

There is a difference between pest control and exterminators! Exterminators rely solely on pesticides and chemicals which could me more harmful than required. A pest control specialist like us concentrates on “why” the pests are in your home and find ways to improve or change those conditions that attracted them in the first place.

how to prevent pest infestation

Super Efficient

Our strategies and treatments don’t always include chemicals. We do only use EPA-certified safe products when a spray treatment is needed. Baits and traps are efficient as well. We help you decide what your best option is for a full and complete treatment.

Deeply Committed

You might think after ten years we’ve forgotten about those spider bites. Well, we haven’t! We are still just as committed today as when we started. Great satisfaction comes from keeping families safe from insects, wasps, hornets, and rodents.

Highly Skilled

Eight years of experience has taught us many things about this industry. What products to use and when to use them correctly. Rarely do we need to come back out to retreat an area. The occasional rainstorm out of nowhere might sneak up on us from time to time. No second charges for mother nature.

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