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Bobbi Ray’s Termite and Pest Control about us page and our secrets aren’t all secrets! Every person is driven by something, wanting to become something more or better than who they are at that moment. Fear is often a factor or experiencing something that sets you on a path to victory and happiness. For example, one secret is passing our knowledge and experience to others or family. Bobbi Ray’s Termite and Pest Control is a family business, and they have done that by passing it along.

How We Got Here

To answer the question, “Why do we chase down bugs and termites.” We have to tell you a little story. Bobbi never dreamed when she was young of becoming an exterminator or making her living performing termite inspections. She loved horses and even outran the police in Guthrie, OK, in her youth! She became a horse jockey, and her size and stature made her perfect for the job. However, one of those experiences that changed your path forever pounced on Bobbi. It changed her life. Moreover, not just once, but three times, Bobbi was bitten by a Brown Recluse spider here in Oklahoma. Three strikes were all it took, and she decided to take them out! In other words, Bobbi was on her way to becoming a professional exterminator.

Our ServicesResidential and Commercial

Termite Inspection OKC

Termite inspections are done for many reasons. First, the lender will require a termite inspection for escrow before authorizing the loan for nearly every home purchase. Secondly, protect your investment by checking for the presence of termites, which cause damage to structures. You will receive a complete report from our inspection outlying any problems if any are found.

Termite Treatment OKC

Termite treatment is the process of removing and protecting termite infestations. Using chemical barriers for perimeter termite defense and termite bait stations placed into the ground. A liquid termiticide is used for termite spray, which will mimic bait that attracts the termite. Passing through that barrier, they spread it to the colony to exterminate them. Termites in OKC cause damage to several homes each year. Before hiring an OKC termite company, research the different names of pest control companies before deciding.

Bed Bug Treatment

Treating bed bugs has become a growing problem in Oklahoma. We treat these tiny insects using pesticides and heat treatment. With pesticides to gain complete coverage, the bed or furniture in the room needs taken apart to reach all the small cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. Heat treatments take longer. However, electric fans raise temperatures above a certain level where bed bugs do not survive. 

Flea & Tick Control and Treatment

Fleas and ticks are both common pest control problems in Oklahoma. Many homeowners with pets utilize flea and tick collars which do work. When the flea and tick control doesn’t seem to keep them out of the home, we can help. First, if there is an area where fleas are congregating, we will vacuum them up and treat that area. Second, we provide a chemical application to the outside areas for fleas and ticks, which is lethal to adults. The chemical mixture includes an insect growth regulator, which stops the development of the larvae and eggs.

Rodent Control (Rats and Mice)

With rodent control, you won’t find many rats in homes. The majority of the time, we deal with mice. Our best success has been placing bait stations strategically outside the home and in attics. The rodents are not trapped inside the station but carry the poison back to the nest to infect the other rodents. Unlike traps, you do not have to handle or dispose of dead rats or mice.

Ant Treatment

Even in Oklahoma City, ants thrive, creating colonies in buildings and homes. Treating ants is also common in the city and rural areas. We talk about some preventative measures you can take on our ant control page. At Bobbi Rays, we use chemical and non-chemical agents to kill off the ants and their colony completely. Due to the queen being inside the nest, the toxins can take several days to weeks to reach the queen and destroy the colony.

Dangerous Spiders

Spider control and treatment are available for all homes and businesses. We check for webs, remove them, and look for broken seals, caulking, cracks in walls, and other places to which spiders gain access. Before treatment outside the home, those areas need to be addressed, as well as the removal of the webs. Using a chemical treatment, we spray in those areas, creating a perimeter defense for the structure. 

Wildlife Removal

Raccoons, squirrels, opossums, gophers, and skunks are some culprits that invade your backyard or garden. The safest and most effective option for removing these nuisance critters is setting traps and capturing them. Not only do they end up outside the home but also inside spaces like garages or attics. We have the traps and tools necessary for removing your pestering wildlife. You can read more about wildlife removal here.

General Pests

So many bugs and insects end up in homes that it is hard to name them all. Some of the more familiar we treat are roaches, specifically the German cockroach, water bugs, crickets, moths, silverfish, scorpions, and centipedes. Typically this consists of locating and applying a chemical treatment to a specific area. Kitchens and pantries have the highest concentration of these insects; we would treat the whole kitchen or pantry.

Tree Disease

During our inspections for termites, we run across trees showing signs of disease or fungi growing on them. You will also find several insects you want inside your home, living in, or on a tree. A chemical treatment and anti-fungal ingredient is the best way to help stop a tree from infestation or dying off.

Lawn Disease

We see many yards and lawns in our Oklahoma City pest control daily routine. Not all diseases or fungi would need a whole-yard treatment. In some cases, you can treat the affected area. Using fungicides, we often treat spring dead spot disease, brown spot disease, and dollar spot disease. For more information on grass diseases, click here.

Super Efficient Pest Control OKC

Our strategies and treatments don’t always include chemicals. We do only use EPA-certified safe products when a spray treatment is needed. Baits and traps are also efficient, and we help you decide your best option for a complete cure. We are still just as committed today as when we started. Great satisfaction comes from keeping families safe from insects, wasps, hornets, and rodents. Rarely do we need to come back out to retreat to an area. The occasional rainstorm out of nowhere might sneak up on us occasionally—no second charges for mother nature.

Military, Veterans & Seniors Pest Control Discount

The concern for young military families, veterans, and senior citizens prompted a permanent discount for those who have served our country and those who helped to build it. Furthermore, we are proud to offer advice and our experience as much as our Oklahoma City pest control services. Being able to communicate the threat and make a sound decision along with the client is a plus.

Moreover, you will know every step of the way what we find, how to treat it, and how much it will cost. Some treatments are certified for one year, others for eight years. Consequently, guarantees come with many of the treatments, and some require a second treatment within a specified time to qualify.

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Where To Find US

Bobbi Ray’s Termite and Pest Control is based in Yukon, OK. However, serving clients in Oklahoma City, Edmond, El Reno, Midwest City, Del City, Moore, and Norman. Our coverage for pest control services includes all of the Oklahoma City Metroplex and surrounding communities.

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Of course, you can find us on Google and see our reviews there if you want to do a little research. You can also find us listed on, Hotfrog, Zoomlocal, and the Internet Business Database, to name a few.