Are Rats Ruining Your Restaurant's Reputation?

You need residential and commercial rodent control in Oklahoma City, OK and surrounding areas

If you own a commercial building in Oklahoma City, OK and the surrounding areas, you probably need a rodent control program. Mice and rats can live anywhere, from homes, to schools and office buildings. Rats can be a danger if they get in your home because they carry illnesses and diseases, which is especially dangerous if you have children. Restaurants, groceries and other food service businesses are especially susceptible to rodent infestations. Don't let the presence of rats or mice destroy your business's good name. Call Bobbi Ray's Termite & Pest Control for rodent control today.

Stop the squeaking with rodent control services

Stop the squeaking with rodent control services

Worried about the scratching sounds you've been hearing at night? Have you noticed rat pellets in your kitchen? Call Bobbi Ray's Termite & Pest Control for residential rodent removal service. We'll inspect your home's:

  • Exterior: An outdoor rat population will take any opportunity to find shelter in your home.
  • Attic: Rats/mice will often hide in attics, leaving at night to scavenge for food in your home.
  • Interior: Rodents leave traces a trained exterminator can spot easily.

If rodents are present on your property, we'll set bait stations to trap them.

We'll also patch any holes the creatures have made in your home.

In addition to rats and mice, we also trap opossums, squirrels and raccoons. If you're looking for rodent removal in Oklahoma City, OK or the surrounding area, call us now.