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Count on us for German Cockroach extermination in oklahoma city ok

Cockroaches are some of the most bothersome bugs. And what they lack in charm, they make up for in survivability. Roaches can carry six different diseases and cause upper respiratory illnesses in children and adults. Don't waste your time attempting a DIY roach removal project. Hire Bobbi Ray's Termite & Pest Control for cockroach extermination services in the Oklahoma City, OK area.

We'll get rid of nests, eggs and roaches so your home will no longer be an insect reproduction hub. Our methods are effective and our prices are reasonable.

roaches oklahoma city ok


One of the creepiest crawlies in the Oklahoma City, OK area is the German cockroach. Not only are they nuisances, cockroaches can also be harmful to your health if you don't arrange for prompt roach control services. That's because:

  • They can pick up and carry dangerous bacteria inside.
  • They can leave waste and dead skin on your clean surfaces.
  • They thrive in unsanitary environments, likes dumpsters and bathrooms
  • Call (405) 887-2685 now to schedule roach control services in the Oklahoma City, OK area.

roaches oklahoma city ok
roaches oklahoma city ok
german cockroach extermination oklahoma city ok