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Pest control services include so much more than termites and roaches. Bed bugs are a constant problem in the OKC Metro area. Unfortunately, homeowners don’t meet us until there is a swarm of wasps, termites, cockroaches, mice, or spiders showing up in their homes. Gnats and Mosquitoes are certainly a spring and summer nuisance for everyone, but there are ways to rid them from your backyard BBQ or family events. In the fall and winter, we get numerous calls for roaches and mice infestations as well. For more information click on the service links below or go to the top menu and select the service of your choice.


Residential Pest Control Services

We offer everything from home termite inspections to raccoons digging in your trash cans. Do you have bed bugs, roaches, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, or more? Our #1 priority is to keep your home free of pests and insects. We use only the best EPA certified safe products, baits, and traps available to exterminators in the OKC area.

In Addition, we are a small family company who are quality focused when it comes to our pest control services in OKC and the surrounding area. Getting the job done right the first time is our priority.

Are you buying or selling your home and need a termite inspection for your lender? Look no further than Bobbi Ray’s Termite & Pest Control Service. For more information click on the menu above or one of our services below.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial buildings are susceptible to the same kind of infestations as a home. Any dwelling produces trash, and trash produces pests. Although most office buildings might not suffer as many pest problems as say a restaurant or a deli, they still incur an invasion or two.

For many businesses we have found ants, flies and bees or wasps to be their biggest nuisance. Understandably, restaurants suffer the most when it comes to pests due to the many food products which attract them.

One of the biggest areas for concern is always a kitchen or break room. As part of our overall commercial pest control service, we conduct a cleaning of the drains as well.

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