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Residential neighborhoods are not the only recipients of pests and rodents. Restaurants, office buildings, and storage facilities are often inundated with pests and rodents looking for a place to set up their residence. Not to mention, so many businesses were closed during Covid 19 they became a haven for commercial pest control issues.

Still, with labor and product supply issues occurring in the US, there is less staff to manage pest control problems in your business or warehouse. 2022 has seen a rise in pest activity due to a robust housing market in new builds and new businesses or existing businesses opening their doors again full-time.

Business owners have asked whether our commercial pest control chemicals are safe. Most definitely, our products are safe and are all EPA-approved. Many of the products we use are the same for residential areas. However, a commercial application differs slightly from a residential one as far as the size and scope of the treatments.


Commercial pest Control in restaurants? Not one of the first things you would think of when selecting an excellent place for lunch or dinner, right? But, if you are the owner of this restaurant, diner, cafe, or another food vendor, you know all too well how vital pest control is! there is always that one person in the community who stays on top of the Food and Health Inspections for local restaurants. Your reputation is just as important as the taste of your food.

First, as a business owner, we know it is your priority to maintain your space to keep customers returning repeatedly. Second, what the regular patron doesn’t realize is primarily in a dining facility, there is food everywhere. What are the number one things insects and other pests are looking for? A free handout of food! They will travel great distances to find a great restaurant like we do. The problem is they aren’t paying customers, and the paying customers don’t like the free-loading insects pulling up a chair.

We might be having a little fun here with this subject, but in all seriousness, we know the challenges all business owners face with commercial pest control. Oklahoma, with high winds, heat, and high humidity in summer and some pretty cold days in winter, sets the stage for termite and pest problems every year.

Equally important, your success is in our ability to complete timely and routine inspections and treatments to prevent any bad reports or rumors about your livelihood. We have gone the extra mile with our equipment to ensure your kitchen and sink areas are treated and cleaned thoroughly and into the drain system. We check every inch of your establishment for cracks, holes, and other access points that insects or other pests use to gain entry. We remove those access points as part of our treatment and maintenance service, further reducing future significant treatment costs to you in the future.

Office Buildings and Office Spaces

Unlike many homes, office buildings and spaces face the same challenges. With many spaces in more modern office designs, including small kitchens or break areas, the temptation for insects and pests is ever-present. Even commercial cleaning service companies can rarely reach all areas of the office space. Heavy desks and furniture, multiple office dividers, or partitions with little access to the center create dark places where food particles or crumbs can enter and become home to insects, spiders, and other pests.

Outside environments attractive to the landscape can draw wasps, bees, and other flying insects. Automatic sprinklers water the trees, bushes, grass, and flowers and supply water for insects to drink. Mosquitoes can lay eggs if too much water is present, creating small pockets or pools in corners of outside garden areas. Trees and bushes attract different types of insects, fungi, and diseases.

Consequently, those businesses with outdoor seating or landscaping also need to plan what type of pest control to use in those areas. Inside, routine treatments are preferred by many business owners since they would never like to see even the smallest insect, spider, or rodent inside their workspace. Where ever you have a human workforce that spends eight to ten hours a day near one another or in the same work area, there will always be something rodents, and insects can find to chew on as a food source.

Finally, we work the pest control problem in commercial properties like your home. More than just treating the pest problem is required; finding the root cause and point of access and eliminating it can save you hundreds, if not thousands, in the long run. Commercial buildings tend to have more maintenance-type treatments as a preventative measure. With so much foot traffic and doors being opened and closed with multiple entry points, quarterly or bi-annual treatment plans are an excellent option.

Storage Units – Commercial & Private

Generally speaking, storage units are forgotten much of the time when it comes to preparing or preventing pest control. In 2021 storage unit growth was up 13%, with over 50,000 storage unit facilities in use in the United States. Just over ten percent of households are currently renting self-storage units.

Facilities differ in indoor and temperature control, with the majority being garage-type door access outside. Storage units are built to store items, not to live in. Therefore, plenty of cracks and gaps for rodents and insects to invade. Home items already infested or with mice living inside furniture are one cause of rodents accessing storage units.

As a storage facility, it is built for storage, not for living spaces. There will be plenty of cracks and gaps for rodents and insects to invade. The facility’s owner has to plan for pest control, primarily for mice, rats, and snakes. Bait stations and non-spraying treatments are the most popular way to deal with these types of infestation.

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